New recognition certificate is aimed at organisations

Volunteer Centre Sefton’s Volunteer Certificate Scheme has been running for many years, providing recognition certificates which local groups can provide to their volunteers. These certificates have traditionally celebrated how many hours a volunteer has contributed through their volunteering. The certificates have proven to be very popular, particularly when they are presented at Volunteer Centre Sefton’s annual Volunteer Celebration during Volunteers’ Week (1st-6th June).

The Volunteer Centre has now launched an additional certificate, aimed at groups and organisations, rather than individual volunteers. The new certificate recognises the volunteering hours of all the volunteers in that organisation, and also provides an economic value for those hours.

The new Organisation Certificate is ideal for display, and the information can be used in annual reports, press releases, etc. to help illustrate the impact of your volunteering programme.

Volunteer Centre Sefton’s Certificate Scheme is completely free to Sefton organisations.

If you would like to request an Organisation Certificate, or certificates for your individual volunteers, please contact Volunteer Centre Sefton by emailing info@volunteeringsefton.org.uk or by calling 0151 920 0726.

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