Volunteers Needed To Provide A Listening Ear

Vital support service for local carers urgently needs new volunteers.

Sefton Carers’ Centre are looking for volunteers to support their Listening Ear service for local carers.  This free service provides informal and confidential support, via telephone, to unpaid carers who are suffering bereavement, loss, anxiety, depression and isolation or just need someone to offload and talk to.

The Listening Ear service is run by volunteers, many of whom have been carers themselves. All volunteers are fully trained in their role and operate from the offices of Sefton Carers’ Centre in Waterloo, making appointments to call carers at specific times.

“Our Listening Ear service is vital for carers,” says Louise Stewart, the Volunteer Lead for Sefton Carers’ Centre, “It gives them an outlet to talk to someone who understands their caring role and who is solely there to listen, let them off load & talk about how they are feeling.”

“Our volunteers contact over 100 carers every month, a lot of the time the volunteer is the only other person they have spoken to all week.”

If you would be interested in becoming a Listening Ear volunteer, or would like more information on what is involved, you can contact Louise Stewart on 0151 288 6080 or by emailing Lou.Stewart@carers.sefton.gov.uk

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