Georgie’s Gifts for Frontline Workers

While some members of our community have joined groups to help combat the Coronavirus outbreak, others have done their bit independently.

People like Georgie Wilson, a 12 year old pupil of  St. Michael’s High School, Crosby.

Georgie, who is autistic, decided she wanted to do something to help the current situation and to make people happy. She made 10 scrub bags and, over 100 bars of soap, for the 10 staff at Waterloo Dialysis Centre, each packaged with a little note to say she was thinking of them.

In addition to this, Georgie is also giving 30 soap bars to Sacred Heart High School, Crosby for the care packages they have created for vulnerable members of the community. She is also looking to donate soaps to homeless charities.

pic 4 - soap

Above: Georgie has created homemade soaps to make frontline workers and local people happy.

Georgie’s family said: “We are very proud of her, especially as she struggles with anxiety on a daily basis, but still manages to think of others”.

Georgie decided to do this completely on her own initiative and regularly gives her own pocket money to the foodbank. She sets a wonderful example of how young people have been supporting their local communities during lockdown.

Thank you Georgie – you have made a fantastic impact with your kind deeds.

Below: Frontline staff thank Georgie for her gifts of scrub bags and soaps

pic 5 - nurses

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