A Message from St Leonard’s

St Leonard’s Youth & Community Centre in Bootle has long played a key role within their local community. They deliver a range of services from their Poppies group for older people to debt advice to foodbanks across South Sefton.

Like many projects throughout Sefton, they simply couldn’t operate without volunteers, and lockdown has proven to be a challenge.

“We would like to thank all the volunteers who have kept the foodbank open in our 7 Distribution Centres over the past nearly 12 weeksm” says Debbie Shelley MBE, the Centre Manager “They have been wonderful and tireless in sometimes difficult circumstances.”

Since the beginning of lockdown the foodbanks have fed nearly 3,000 people and delivered food to over 150 people who are ill, sheilding or elderley.

Because of the nature of lockdown, St Leonard’s found that that some of its regular volunteers were unable to keep volunteering due to a need to self-isolate.

“We  have four new volunteers who have come through Sefton CVS since the lockdown,” Debbie continues “And they have been invaluable at St. Leonard’s helping us.”

“I would also like the thank all my volunteers who have worked hard over the past 6 years but for reasons due to Covid-19 have had to stay at home during the lockdown and currently cannot help.  We are thinking of them and I know they would be in here helping if they could.”

Photo Credit: copyright Sue Adair 2009

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