This year the beginning of November marks Trustees’ Week, an national campaign which raises awareness of trustee volunteers and the importance of their work.

Trustees sit on the Management Boads of charities, and play a vital role by volunteering their time and working together to make important decisions about a charity’s work.

There are over one million trustees volunteering for approcimately 196,000 charities across the UK. Legally charities cannot exist without a board of trustees, so their work is key to delivering a huge variety of services to local communities.

Enthusiasm and commitment are important assets for all trustees, but specific skills that charities are seeking include expertise in management, employment law, staff supervision, data analysis and marketing. Other in-demand skills include finance, project management, research, volunteer management and problem solving.

Throughout Trustees’ Week, we’ll be posting the details of some local organisations that are looking for trustees to support their work. We’ll be updating this article throughout the week with their details. You can keep updated by visiting our website or following us on Twitter or Facebook.

Local organisations looking for trustees include:

Sefton Carers’ Centre

Sefton OPERA (Older Person Enabling Resource & Action)

Parenting 2000

Ainsdale Lunch & Leisure

Christ Church Youth & Community Centre

Below is a video from the Charity Commission outlining the 6 main duties of a trustee.

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