During Trustees’ Week 2020, we are promoting a number of local charities which are looking to recruit new trustees.

Today we are looking at Christ Church Youth & Community Centre (CYCC) in Bootle, who are currently looking to recruit 3 trustees to their board.

CYCC works to improve social welfare, extend recreational opportunity and promote  lifelong learning.
They provide people of all ages with facilities to achieve awards, make friends, develop themselves and have fun! Their projects and services include a food bank, an after-school club, and activity sessions such as quizzes, bingo and t

Charity trustees are the people who share ultimate responsibility for governing a charity and directing how it is managed and run.   It is our role to provide oversight and support to the Chief Executive, helping her to deliver her role effectively.   It is good fortrustees to have an understanding of each of the centre’s main areas of activity but we they not (in normal circumstances) involved in the day to day delivery.
Christchurch’s existing trustees are keen to consider new trustees from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.  They would especially welcome young trustees and, those with local knowledge, who can bring relevant lived experience to the board’s discussion and decision-making.  

On the whole they expect trustees to:  
– Be committed to the purpose, objects and values of the organisation.
– Be constructive about other trustees’ opinions in discussions, and in response to staff members’ contributions at meetings.
– Be able to act reasonably and responsibly when undertaking such duties and performing tasks.
– Be able to maintain confidentiality on sensitive and confidential information.
– Be supportive of the values (and ethics) of the organisation.Understand the importance and purpose of meetings, and be committed to preparing for them adequately and attending them regularly.
– Be able to analyse information and, when necessary, challenge constructively.
– Be able to make collective decisions and stand by them.
– Be able to respect boundaries between executive (staff or day to day) and governance function.
The Board of Trustees have around 6 meetings each year (including Christ Church’s AGM), which usually last for 1.5-2hrs.  These meetings are held in the evenings (normally Mondays or Tuesdays) and, currently, are held via video conferencing platform Zoom.  

Prospective trustees are invited to attend two or three board meetings as an observer before being invited to join the board
If you woud be interested in becoming a trustee for Christ Church Youth & Community Centre, or would like to find out more about the role, you can contact Sarah Jones, the Chair of the charity’s Board, byt emailing

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