Sustrans want your feedback to create a Liveable Neighbourhood in Southport

Do you live, work, learn or visit Southport within the area on the map below? Then your help is needed!

Sefton Council want to create a Liveable Neighbourhood in Southport to make the streets more pleasant, active and people friendly. Charity Sustrans want to work with local residents to create street designs that improve the look and feel of the streets and make short journeys by foot, wheelchair, scooter and bicycle easier and safer for everyone.

Local people understand the area best and they want to hear all about what matters about the area, issues that people face and how the streets can be improved. They want everyone to be able to get involved who lives, works, learns and plays in this area.

Your expert local knowledge is essential in helping to identify the issues you face and your ideas and solutions for the area. Head over to today, click on the map to tell them about the area. Thank you!

Sustrans are holding 2 community meetings next week and are looking for people to input their ideas. The meetings are taking place via Zoom on:

Tuesday 1st December: 1pm to 2.30pm

Thursday 3rd December: 6pm to 7pm

If you would like to attend, please email to book a place and to receive Zoom details

Area Map:

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