Get on Board with Brighter Living

The Brighter Living Partnership, a healthy living centre in Southport, is looking to recruit a number of people to strengthen their their board of Trustees.

Brighter Living Partnership is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee, which was established in 2000. Based in Southport and predominantly covering north Sefton, the organisation runs a range of projects that support local people to improve their health and wellbeing.

They are particularly looking for people with any of the following skills:

Business Planning: As an organisation Brighter Living would like to diversify their funding streams and the COVID pandemic has potentially changed the way services will be delivered and how charities operate moving forward. Therefore somebody with a strong background in business would be ideal.

Community Engagement: The importance of community engagement is ever increasing, with funders expecting a certain level of engagement to have occurred before applying for funding in many cases now. Brighter Living would like somebody with experience of this to help improve how the charity engages with the community to identify the needs of local people.

Environment: As an organisation, Brighter Living are committed to doing their part to tackle Climate Change and already have many initiatives in place. However these can always be expanded and improved upon. One of their projects is currently working to improve local green spaces and green recovery from COVID is high on the agenda across the board. An individual with a background in environmental projects would be able to help the organisation take this work forward.

Marketing/Social Media: A background in marketing and/or social media would be ideal to help the charity develop a marketing strategy to better promote their work and help them reach new clients. 

Monitoring and Evaluation: The charity is keen to monitor and evaluate their work better, which can be difficult in the health and wellbeing sector. However they are hoping somebody with experience of this can help them develop better processes and procedures to better showcase the work they do.

Public Health: Brighter Living’s work is all about Public Health and the COVID pandemic has brought into light how important Public Health is. There are additional areas of Public Health that we could expand into with the help of somebody who is experienced in either management and/or working within the Public Health domain.  

Role of a Trustee: As a member of the board you will work with your fellow Trustees, including the Chair and the Treasurer to set direction for Brighter Living, developing strategy and ensuring the charity is complying with its responsibilities, both legally and to the organisations who fund their work. The board work closely with the Manager of Brighter Living who ensures the organisation is running smoothly on a day to day basis. The board of Trustees meet every two months, currently by Zoom but hopefully in person again soon. This is a voluntary position but out of pocket expenses can be reimbursed. Being a Trustee of a small, local charity is an important role, it can be challenging but it is also equally rewarding.

For more information or to express your interest in becoming a Trustee of Brighter Living Partnership, please send a CV and a covering letter no more than two pages of A4 to Matty Smith via A discussion with the Chair or another Trustee in their absence will be required before appointment.

If you are successful in the role then a full induction will be given, which will include information and training about the roles and responsibilities of a charitable trustee. There is a wide a range of training that Brighter Living Partnership can access and you would be entitled to attend within your role as a trustee. Applicants are welcome to attend Southport Community Centre and see some of the projects in action, this will provide an opportunity to speak to members of staff too.

For more information on Brighter Living Partnership, visit their website.

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