Age Concern Liverpool and Sefton is recruiting members for its board of trustees

Local older persons charity, Age Concern Liverpool and Sefton is looking to continue expanding its board of trustees.

Age Concern is a charity that is dedicated to aiding people aged 50+ in all aspects of life. They offer a variety of services including befriending, funeral planning, will writing and home improvements.

They are currently looking to expand their board of trustees with people skilled in particular areas such as social care, finance, communications and fund raising. They recently recruited Sandra McCaughley as their Chief Executive and Jacinta Cannon as their Director of Operations and are looking to strengthen their team with more trustees who possess a range of skills.

Rupert Lowe, Chair of the Board of Trustees said:  ‘We are delighted to welcome Sandra and Jacinta to Age Concern Liverpool and Sefton. They bring with them valuable expertise, experience and enthusiasm that will drive our progress over the coming years. I look forward to working with them and expanding the Board of Trustees to guide and support them.’

The need for recruitment has come from a response to issues that were caused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic and the lock downs that came with it have had a significant impact on older people in the community, due to them being the highest risk group. Many older people do not have access to or the technical skills to use online tools, leaving them isolated from friends and family. This has had a significant negative effect on older people’s mental and physical health. Age Concern are looking to help older people who have been affected in this way, so that they can return to a more normal and healthy lifestyle.

For more information about which trustee roles are available, visit the Age Concern website at or contact Sandra McCaughley on 0151 256 2565. They are are particularly interested in recruiting individuals from diverse and minority backgrounds.

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