Merseyside Offender Volunteer Mentor Wanted

Merseyside Offender Mentoring Project (MOMS) supports men through the gate to successfully resettle back into the Merseyside community by engaging them with a volunteer mentor who works with them weekly on a one-to-one basis to remove the triggers of offending behaviour.  To do this, the support provided is holistic and bespoke to the ex-offender and led by the men themselves.

Volunteer Role

Mentors provide support around:

  • Accommodation
  • Employment, training and education
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Finances
  • Family and relationships
  • Substance misuse
  • Attitudes, thinking and behaviours

Once the men (mentee) are in the community, the project worker will meet with the mentee and the mentor in a public place. This is where the mentor and mentee will go through their agreed action plan to progress with their resettlement and encourage a positive lifestyle. The action plan will be tailored to whatever it is the mentee wishes to achieve.

  • The mentee and mentor will meet on a weekly basis in public places and/or utilise telephone support to work on the small manageable steps required to achieve the resettlement goals.
  • Mentors maintain regular contact with their allocated project worker to provide progress updates. They complete a report after every meeting, within a specified timeframe, to evidence the support they have given.
  • Mentors come from all walks of life and are highly skilled. Once all the support needs of the mentee have been achieved, and the mentee feels settled and ready to maintain his independence, the match will come to an end

This support has not only helped turn countless lives around but has contributed to a staggering reduction in re-offending rates across Merseyside.


  • Compulsory training package
  • DBS check
  • Mentors often report feeling a sense of achievement, knowing that they have supported an ‘at-risk’ person in achieving their goals.

To apply to become a mentor please email: to register your interest and receive an application pack or to find out more information.

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