Whether you’re looking to volunteer, or you’re an organisation looking to recruit volunteers, the Volunteer Centre Sefton can help.

Volunteer Centre Sefton works with individuals and organisations in the borough of Sefton to promote, deliver and develop high quality voluntary opportunities.

The Volunteer Centre supports the increasing number of people engaged in volunteering in Sefton by referring potential volunteers to opportunities within the voluntary and statutory sector via a variety of methods including one-to-one interviews, newsletters, and online registration using an online tool called Volunteer Connect.  The Volunteer Centre also supports accreditation and recognition of volunteers by providing certificates of achievement.

Policies & Procedures

The Volunteer Centre Sefton is managed by Sefton Council for Voluntary Service (CVS), and adheres to the same policies and procedures as CVS.

Equality & Diversity Polices & Procedures

Equality & Diversity Policy

Complaints Policies & Procedures

Comments & Complaints Policy
Unreasonable and Vexatious Complaints Policy

Health & Safety Policies & Procedures

Health & Safety Policy
Information Governance Policies & Procedures 

Information Governance – Client leaflet

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Information Governance Policy
Information Security Policy
Data Incident Reporting Policy

Data Incident Reporting Form
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Confidentiality Audit Procedure

Confidentiality Audit Checklist

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Information Governance Training Strategy

Safeguarding Policies & Procedures

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy
Sefton CVS Staff Safeguarding Adults Policy & Procedures (2014) (.zip)
Vulnerable Adults Policy
Vulnerable Adults Policy Guidance
Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk of harm (Reviewed May 2014)
Safeguarding Vulnerable Children Policy
Sefton CVS Staff Safeguarding Children Policy & Procedures (2014)
Regulated Activity relating to children and young people
Template of Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy
Safeguarding Children and Young People Diagnostic Checklist
 Sefton CVS Safeguarding Children Toolkit