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Volunteering & Fundraising Toolkit for Schools & Young People


National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) Resources


Recruiting volunteers
How to recruit trustworthy, enthusiastic, long-term volunteers. Recruiting volunteers –Read more…

How to make the most of your volunteers through training, development and accreditation. Training volunteers –Read more…

Managing and retaining volunteers
How to effectively manage and retain volunteers within your organisation. Managing and retaining volunteers –Read more…

Information on finding trustees, becoming a trustee, the trustee induction and the relationship your organisation has with its trustees. Trustees –Read more…

NCVO Volunteering Information Sheets

NCVO have produced a number of Volunteering Information Sheets providing good practice guidance and advice on a wide range of topics. Please note: Some of these resources are only available to NCVO Members. Click here for more information

Health and safety for volunteers
Data protection and volunteers
Avoiding creating employment contracts 
Volunteers and Copyright
Insurance for volunteers
Monitoring and evaluating a volunteer programme
Problem solving
Recruiting volunteers with criminal records
Saying ‘thank you’ to volunteers
Supporting volunteers through bereavement in their role
Volunteer drivers
Volunteering expenses
Volunteers and stress
Volunteer-friendly words
Disclosure and Barring Service

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Volunteer placements, rights and expenses (