Case Studies – Admin Support; Sefton CVS

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What is your name?

Cormac O’Carroll

What is the name of charity you volunteered with during the COVID-19 response?

Sefton CVS

Please tell us a little bit about yourself – experience, current / previous job roles?

From New Brighton, worked previously for 12 months at Alt Valley Community Trust and have always had an interest in community work.

Why did you want to sign up to volunteer?

To gain further experience in community work and more exposure to how charities are run

What activities/ tasks has your volunteering included?

Supporting the Children, Young People and Families team with research and administration

What has been a memorable moment from your volunteering so far?

Meeting the participants of The Parent Carer  Forum and gaining a wider understanding of the challenges facing parents and carers in the Sefton area

What words of encouragement would you give for somebody thinking of volunteering?

That making the first phone call is the hardest bit after that the nerves lessen at a rapid rate

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