Case Studies – Shopping Service; Sefton Carers Centre

Sefton Carers Centre

What is your name?


Name of charity you volunteered with during the COVID-19 response?

Sefton Carers Centre

Please tell us a little bit about yourself – experience, current / previous job roles?

I am a secondary school teacher of 22 years and teach Design & Technology in a large secondary school in Liverpool.  I am married to Ian who is a critical care nurse in Aintree, and I have 2 teenage boys.

Why did you want to sign up to volunteer?

I am a Christian and believe it is so important to care for the vulnerable and those who are not able to do the things they wish they could.  As I am currently not needed in school I wanted to contribute to my community by helping those that are isolating and keeping themselves safe.

What activities/ tasks has your volunteering included?

I have been food shopping for people isolating.

What has been a memorable moment from your volunteering so far?

Seeing the gratitude of the folk I have shopped for.  Seeing them smile after chatting to them about their week and their genuine appreciation for the small thing I have done for them.  It’s been so lovely getting to know the people I have shopped for and building that friendship over the weeks.

What words of encouragement would you give for somebody thinking of volunteering?

There is something quite uplifting in doing something kind and generous for someone else.  It also takes the focus of oneself and helps you appreciate all that you have in terms of mobility, health and family.  Knowing you have made a difference to that person’s life even for a short time, is quite humbling.


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