Case Studies – Telephone Support; Brighter Living Partnership

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What is your name?


Name of charity you volunteered with during the COVID-19 response?

Brighter Living Partnership

Please tell us a little bit about yourself – experience, current / previous job roles?

I have worked in care homes many years ago, but most of my previous work was in managerial roles, running teams of people, especially in customer service.  I have been a beaver/cub leader and volunteered on many occasions in other areas. I am also a registered chaperone for Sefton Local Authority.  I am married to John and we have 7 children and 8 grandchildren our 9th is due in June. I love theatre and I am a performing member of groups in Southport/Ormskirk one of which is All Souls Dramatic Club which I am also a trustee for. At present I am joint owner with my husband of The Warwick Southport Guest House

Why did you want to sign up to volunteer?

I own a guesthouse in Southport due to lock down felt I wanted to help in anyway I could during this time.

What activities/ tasks has your volunteering included?

I phone people who are self-isolating checking if they are getting food regularly and medication, highlighting to my mentor of any areas for concern. Also, building up a good relationship with them by chatting about their hobbies and interests.

What has been a memorable moment from your volunteering so far?

On my first introduction call and speaking to someone who seams to have given up and just watches the news most of the day to someone who sounds happy to hear your voice on the other end of the telephone and excited to tell you about their week and how they are getting on with doing some of their hobbies

What words of encouragement would you give for somebody thinking of volunteering?

Just be yourself, be a good listener, caring, never be judgmental. Everyone is individual and a person, not just a name you have on a piece of paper. The title we have been given is “Befriender” that’s what we are.

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