Shoreline Foodbank

Monday through to Friday Shoreline opens its doors so people can come along and collect food parcels. Each year the Food Bank provides and distributes 1000’s of food parcels to people in need.

It started back in July 2011 when a local Southport bakery allowed volunteers to collect produce that was unsold everyday, which the church then parceled up and gave out to those in need. Today those in need can pick up many more items including bread, pies, crisps, sandwiches, vegetables, tinned foods, nappies, and toiletries – supplied by a mixture of local businesses and national companies/charities.

The food bank is open at 5.00pm-6:30pm five days a week. Volunteers are needed each day between 4-6.30pm to sort through food deliveries and make up food parcels for those in need.

For more information please follow this link.

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